PRO’s training helps increase customer satisfaction ratings and profitability for hundreds of our dealer clients. Countless car buyers benefit from educated dealer employees who embrace PRO’s principles.

Our training classes and seminars integrate ethics, culture and a unique business framework, giving our clients a competitive edge. Those who adopt these principles achieve the highest levels of success in the automotive industry. This success is measured in profits, customer satisfaction results, and repeat and referral business.

auto sales trainingPRO’s sales training is based on the four principles of selling. These principles were developed to exceed the expectations of the retail buyer. This results in significant repeat and referral business. Most importantly, it establishes long-term customer loyalty. This is the best way for a dealership to grow its business.

Principles of Selling

  1. Trust
  2. Customer Need Analysis
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Helping Work through Customer Decisions

We have designed our proactive selling process to incorporate these principles. This process teaches salespeople to be aware of the customer’s needs and then respond in a competent and professional manner.

Pro-active Selling

  • Professional Hello
  • Customer Interview
  • Inventory Selection
  • Presentation/Demonstration
  • Service Introduction
  • Trade Evaluation
  • Write-up
  • Business office
  • Delivery
  • Follow-up

finance and insurancePRO’s F&I Training program teaches Business/Finance Managers about the four primary functions of the finance department.

  • Trust
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Lender
  • Administrative

PRO educates Business/Finance Managers to create an environment where customers feel respected and well informed. Character, self-discipline, initiative, and integrity are some of the leadership qualities that are emphasized in our seminars. Product knowledge, along with a sense of dealership history, are used to create a unique sales presentation.

F&I Training
A Comprehensive Program

  • Goals
  • Selling Philosophy
  • Product Knowledge
  • Legal
  • Administrative Function
  • Lender Function
  • Menu Selling
  • Compliance and Safeguards Training

sales managementPRO’s Sales Management Training is used to analyze and maximize a dealership’s potential. It teaches managers to reinforce the sales staff’s ability to exceed the customer’s expectations. Our education focuses on our commitment to bring out the best in people. This is taught by highlighting essential elements of Sales Management and developing exceptional leadership qualities.

Sales Management Essential Elements

  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Planning
  • Prospecting
  • Selling
  • Desking
  • Customer
  • Follow up

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